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Welcome to the home of VisualCube.

VisualCube is an innovative device enhancing your leisure time by providing a volumetric display (real 3D display) out of 6x6x6 voxels, where each voxel gets represented by a 2-color LED, for real-time music-controlled colorful animations.


Ease of use.

Installation can't be any easier:
  • Just download & run the setup.
  • Plug the device into a free USB port.
  • Finally enjoy the motion of colors to the beat of your music.


More experienced users are invited to write their own visualizations and let the community enjoy them. An endless number of ideas is still waiting for your implementations.
  • You can create new visualizations, provided you've got basic programming skills and an hour or two to spend and have fun.
  • More experienced programmers may write new plugins for unsupported mp3 players or stand-alone applications for the cube.


View the cube in action: